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Edo's Souls

Author: Stella Gaitano

Translator: Sawad Hussain   Cover design: Marie Lane   Cover illustration: Yasmeen Abduallah  

Edo's Souls is a compelling, multi-generational epic that sees the three main characters trapped in a nation gripped by the terrors of civil war, forcing each one to confront their past selves, and to resolve what is most important to them - love, family, or country.

When a young Lucy-Eghino, who is coming of age in a 1970s village in southern Sudan, is beset by rumours of approaching violence, she has no choice but to flee - first to Juba, then northwards to Khartoum. Marco, a gentle young father, wages a daily battle to keep his family together while avoiding friction with any northerners. Peter, a soldier unsure of where his loyalties lie, is forced to carry out night raids searching for bands of rebels.

Both The Literary Hub and Words without Borders list Edo's Souls as one of the forthcoming books that they are most looking forward to reading.  ...  d-by-women-wwb/

RRP: £9.99

No. of pages: 260

Publication date: 27.10.2023

Re-print date: 27.10.2023

ISBN numbers:
978 1 915568 13 7
978 1 915568 51 9

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