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Dedalus is a publisher of literary fiction and began publishing on November 30th 1983. Our first list consisted of three first novels, one of which The Arabian Nightmare by Robert Irwin has been translated into twenty languages and is now considered a modern classic.

The Dedalus list includes contemporary English language fiction, translated European fiction in the Decadence from Dedalus, Dedalus European Classics, Dedalus Europe 1992 -2012, Dedalus Euro Shorts series and Dedalus Anthologies. Dedalus also publishes literary non-fiction in the Dark Master, City Noir and Concept Book series.

Dedalus has invented its own distinctive genre, which we term distorted reality, where the bizarre, the unusual, the grotesque and the surreal meld in a kind of intellectual fiction which is very European.

Dedalus has sold rights in the books it has originated into twenty-three languages and twenty-eight different territories, finding a worldwide audience for its authors.

Our mission is to be unique: an exciting, innovative and distinctive alternative to commercial publishing, to find new talent and put British publishing at the heart of Europe.

Dedalus Prizes

Dedalus has won or been shortlisted for the following prizes:

  • The Saltire Best First Book Prize 1995 for Music, in a Foreign Language by Andrew Crumey
  • The European Crime & Mystery Award 2003 for Dragon's Eye by Andy Oakes
  • Dedalus had two books on the Booker Prize long list in 1995:  Exquisite Corpse by Robert Irwin and Memoirs of a Gnostic Dwarf by David Madsen.
  • The French Translation Prize 1992 for Christine Donougher : Book of Nights by Sylvie Germain
  • The Portuguese Translation Prize 2013 for Margaret Jull Costa: The Word Tree by Teolinda Gersao
  • Margaret Jull Costa was also shortlisted on two other occasions for the Portuguese Translation Prize for The Relic in 1995 and in 2010 for The City and the Mountains both by Eca de Queiroz
  • The German Translation Prize 1998 for Mike Mitchell: Letters Back to Ancient China by Herbert Rosendorfer
  • Mike Mitchell was also shortlisted on two other occasions for the German Translation Prize for The Golem by Gustav Meyrink and Stephanie by Herbert Rosendorfer.
  • The Polish Translation Prize 2012 for Antonia Lloyd-Jones: Saturn by Jacek Dehnel
  • The Russian Translation Prize 2006 for Oliver Ready : Prussian Bride by Yuri Buida
  • The Greek Translation Prize 2006 for David Connolly : The Dedalus Book of Greek Fantasy edited by David Connolly.
  • The Occult Book of the Year in 1992 for Mike Mitchell's translation of The Angel of the West Window by Gustav Meyrink
  • PEN/Book-of-the-Month-Club Translation Prize for 2008 for Margaret Jull Costa : The Maias by Eca de Queiroz.
  • The Oxford Weidenfeld Translation Prize for 2008 for Margaret Jull Costa : The Maias by Eca de Queiroz
  • The Oxford Weidenfeld Translation Prize for 2012 for Judith Landry: New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani.
  • Dedalus has been shortlisted on six occasions for the Oxford Weidenfeld Translation Prize:
  • Christine Donougher in 1996 for Night of  Amber and in 2009 for Magnus both by Sylvie Germain.
  • Mike Mitchell on four occasions: 1999 for Simplicissimus by Johann Grimmelshausen, 2000 for The Other Side by Alfred Kubin, 2008 for The Bells of Bruges by Georges Rodenbach and 2013 for The Lairds of Cromarty by Jean-Pierre Ohl.
  • Magnus by Sylvie Germain was shortlisted for The American Library Association Notable Book Awards in 2009.
  • New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani was shortlisted for The Independent Foreign Fiction Award in 2012.
  • New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani was shortlisted for The Best Translated Book Award in 2012.
  • New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani was shortlisted for The Europe Prize in 2012
  • World Fantasy Awards 2012 Special Award Professional to Eric Lane of Dedalus Books for publishing in translation.
  • The Last of the Vostyachs by Diego Marani, translated by Judith Landry was longlisted for The Independent Foreign Fiction Award in 2013
  • Mike Mitchell was shortlisted in 2014 for French-American Foundation Translation Prize: Where Tigers Are At Home by Jean-Marie Blas de Robles
  • The Mussolini Canal by Antonio Pennacchi, translated by Judith Landry longlisted for the IMPAC Prize 2015.
  • Read Russia Prize 2015 for Before & During by Vladimir Sharov, translated by Oliver Ready.

Dedalus Funders

Dedalus has always acknowledged and been grateful for the institutions that have supported our publishing programme. It would have been impossible to have been an alternative to commercial publishing without this support. Our long term relationship with Arts Council England has been central to what we have managed to achieve.

In addition we would like to acknowledge the support of the following organisations:

  1. The Austrian Ministry of Culture
  2. The Blue Door Foundation
  3. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
  4. The Camoes Institute
  5. The Danish Arts Council
  6. The Dutch Translation Fund
  7. The Estonian Translation Fund
  8. The European Union
  9. Fili in Finland
  10. The Finnish Embassy in London
  11. The French Community of Belgium
  12. The Flemish Translation Fund
  13. The French Ministry of Culture
  14. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Burgess Programme
  15. The Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation
  16. The German Ministry of Culture(Inter Nationes)
  17. The Lithuanian International Cultural Centre
  18. The M. B. Grabowski Fund
  19. The Greek Ministry of Culture
  20. The Hellenic Foundation
  21. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  22. The Mikhail Prokhorov Fund
  23. Norla
  24. Opening the Book
  25. PEN UK
  26. The Polish Institute
  27. The Portuguese Book Institute
  28. The Ramon Llull Institute
  29. The Slovak Literature Centre
  30. The Spanish Ministry of Culture

We would also like to express our thanks to Routledge Publishers, part of Informa Plc, for their sponsorship during 2008-2010.

Forthcoming Titles

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The City and the Mountains

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En Route

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