Arts Council Fiction Group

Dedalus is proud to be a member of the Arts Council Fiction Group. All the publishers in the group have received significant Arts Council funding, either from the National Portfolio or from Grants for the Arts, and demonstrate how effective Arts Council funding has been in widening the range of fiction available to readers in England. The publishers in the group have very different lists but all share a commitment to artistic excellence, finding and nurturing the writers of the future and providing an alternative to commercial fiction.

Collectively we have won a lot of literary prizes and accolades and have made an important contribution to the creative economy. We are an Arts Council success story and our books make the case every day for Arts Council England’s investment in literary fiction. We have formed ourselves into a group to help promote what we do and argue the case for public investment in literary fiction. There is a link to the websites of all the publishers in the group.  

April's featured publisher is Dedalus and the recommended title is The Interpreter by Diego Marani, translated by Judith Landry.

'The Interpreter is gloriously grotesque and as witty and profound as Marani himself. The Interpreter follows on from New Finnish Grammar and The Last of the Vostyachs to form a trilogy on the theme of language and identity. The blurb should issue a warning to interpreters and linguists, as this is the most frightening take on their profession ever! Attention les interpretes! It is a macabre linguistic thriller and with it Marani has possibly pioneered a new genre, l’interprete noir. ' Rosie Goldsmith in The European Literature Network

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