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Aletheia Publishers in Portugal Enters The Dedalus Hall of Shame

Aletheia Publishers has entered into the Dedalus Hall of Shame for not paying a royalty of 1,300 euros which was due in February 2015. Alexandra Louro from Aletheia Editores has repeatedly promised that a transfer will be sent 'today' but 'today' never comes and she obviously knows that her company will not pay. As the book is for a bi-lingual Portuguese edition of The City of the Mountains by Eca de Queiroz which will be given away free to tourists the Portuguese publisher must have been paid by the tourist board to do this edition and has kept the 1,300 euros which was due to be paid to Dedalus for using our translation.

The City and the Mountains is part of a ten-book project to make the work of Portugal's greatest ever novelist Eca de Queiroz's available to English readers in new translations by Margaret Jull Costa. Most of Eca's books have low sales in the English translation and this project has been done for cultural and not commercial reasons and has relied on translation support from institutions in Portugal & England to realise it. The tenth book The House of Ramires will be published at the end of 2016. The 1,300 euros has been set aside to do a new edition of Cousin Bazilio by Eca de Queiroz, an edition which has been delayed because of Aletheia Publishers.

We have to put Aletheia Publishers in our Hall of Shame to warn other publishers about them. We will be writing to the Portuguese Tourist Board asking that they make this payment on Aletheia's behalf.

If you want to hear Aletheia Publishers's side of the story please email

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