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Choose Dedalus's best translation of the last 30 Years and win £250

In 1985 Dedalus published Judith's Landry translation of I Malavoglia (The House by the Medlar Tree) by Giovanni Verga. This was Dedalus's first commissioned translation. Thirty years on we still have it in print. To celebrate our thirty years as a publisher of European fiction in translation we are asking our readers to choose their favourite Dedalus translation. It can be a classic, contemporary fiction or an anthology. To help our readers decide we will offer a survey of what we have published and invite anyone who wants to champion a particular title to post a blog on the Dedalus website. In the autumn there will be vote and the readers who have voted for the title that gets the most votes will have their names in a raffle with the winner pulled out at the event to celebrate 30 Years of Dedalus Translation. The winner will get £100 cash, any 5 Dedalus translations of his or her choice which are in print and the next 10 Dedalus translations to be published.The value of the books to exceed £150. The competition is open to our readers across the world and although Dedalus authors, translators, staff and directors can choose their favourite title they can not win the prize.

Before & During Wins The Read Russia Prize 2015

Oliver Ready's translation of Before & During by Vladimir Sharov has won the $10,000 2015 READ RUSSIA PRIZE.

In a unanimous vote the READ RUSSIA PRIZE jury of scholars, translators, and authors praised Ready’s translation in its citation:

Translation should not strive for perfection, but for excellence. Perfection is impossible, whereas excellence is only nearly impossible. And excellence is what Oliver Ready achieves in his rendering of Before and During by Vladimir Sharov. He captures the clear voice and confused mentality of the narrator who is able to love both Christ and Lenin, who prays for the sinner Ivan the Terrible and who tries to unravel the legacy of the Bolsheviks.