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The Istanbul Fellowship Programme

Dedalus has been invited to take part in the Istanbul Fellowship Programme which takes place February 25-28. Dedalus will be represented by Eric & Timothy Lane and Eric Lane will be doing a presentation on independent publishing in the UK.

The London Bookfair

Dedalus will be at the Central Books stand 4F40 for the London Bookfair March 12-14. Email for an appointment or just pop round to see us.

18 books to look forward to in 2019 from 6 Independent UK Publishers

Comma’s highlights for 2019Thirteen Months of Sunrise by Rania Mamoun ( May )The Dressing-up Box by David Constantine (July). Palestine + 100 ed. Basma Ghalayini ( May ).

And Other Stories highlights for 2019 Something Like Breathing by Angela Readman(January), Berg by Ann Quinn(March) and The Polyglot Lovers by Lina Wolff (May).

The books to look out from by Dedalus in 2019 are Modern Art by J.-K. Huysmans(February), Dangerous Days by Leo Kanaris(March) and Cleopatra Goes To Prison by Claudia Durastanti (July).

The books to look out from by Bluemoose in 2019 are Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession (March), Caravan of the Lost and Left Behind by Deirdre Shanahan (May) and The Moss House by Clara Burley (July)

The books to look out from by Bitter Lemon in 2019 are Evil Things by Katja Ivar (January), Grab a Snake by the Tail by Leonardo Padura (May) and The Fragility of Bodies by Sergio Olguin (July).