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Dedalus celebrates forty years of putting British publishing at the heart of Europe

Dedalus celebrates the fortieth anniversary of its first translations and its mission to put British publishing at the heart of Europe at an event at the Gradidge Room, Arts Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AT on 22 April 2024 beginning at 6.30.

There will be readings and talks by Mike Mitchell, Alison Langley, Eoghan Smith and Graham Anderson with food, wine and soft drinks.

There is a capacity of 45 so please reserve your place on

1. Mike Mitchell has translated one hundred books from French and German and for over twenty years was Dedalus' Europe editor and did more than anyone in shaping the Dedalus list.

2. Alison Langley is the author of Budapest Noir; Ilona Geta A Phone, her first novel. It represents the European novel written in English and books about Europe on the Dedalus List.

3. Eoghan Smith is the author of 3 novels; The Failing Heart, A Provincial Death and A Mind of Winter. He represents Ireland, the UK's closest European neighbour with whom we share a language, a culture and a border.

4.Graham Anderson has translated ten novels for Dedalus, five from French and five from Italian. His most recent translations are The Celestial City-Diego Marani and The Ridiculous Age-Margherita Giacobino.