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We are recommending 12 books for Autumn reading.

The Taiga Syndrome by Cristina Rivera Garza ( trans. Suzanne Jill Levine and Aviva Kana)/ ISBN 9781911508687 (pb) ‘The Taiga Syndrome is a dark, daring contemporary fable with echoes from the past. Small, short, covered in gray, it sparkles on the page and dazzles the mind.’ Sjón

Love by Hanne Osrtavik, translated by Martin Aitken ISBN 9781911508724 (pb) 'The real-time urgency of Love is incandescent.' Claire Vaye Watkins, New York Times

Grab a Snake by the Tail by Leonardo Padura. ISBN 978 1 912242 17 7 (pb) 'Padura on his very best form. Once again, we have his irresistible combination of quirky storytelling and a vivid evocation of the city of Havana.'. ELN Barry Forshaw

The Fragility of Bodies by Sergio Olguin ISBN 9781912242-191 (pb). 'A journalist needs three qualities to succeed: "ratlike cunning, a plausible manner and a little literary ability". Verónica Rosenthal, the protagonist of Olguín’s lively new thriller, has these in spades.'Financial Times

SLOOT by Ian Macpherson ISBN 9781910422533 £8.99(pb) A post postmodern crime novel set on the clean streets of Dublin'sleafiest suburb. SLOOT is a Hoot.' Arnold Brown.

Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession
ISBN 9781910422441- £8.99 (pb)
‘A gentle masterpiece. ‘ Foyles

The Book of Sheffield: A City in Short Fiction edited by Catherine Taylor ISBN 978 1 912697 13 7 £9.99(pb) 'Absorbing storis...' New Statesmen

Resist: Stories of Uprising edited by Ra Page edited. by Raph Cormack
ISBN 978 1 912697 07 6 £14,99 Stories of the British Protest Movement from the Peterloo massacre to the Tottenham riot.

My Life is like a Fairy Tale by Robert Irwin
ISBN 978 1 912868 19 3 £11.99 (pb) This fairy story is a narrative of diminishing options and the advance to death and destruction.

The Failing Heart by Eoghan Smith ISBN 978 1 910213 94 0 £9.99(pb) 'Eoghan Smith is a stylist, and the lyricism of this narrative lifts the general air of gloom. I loved it!' Sue Leonard in Books Ireland

Machines in the Head: Selected Short Writing by Anna Kavan, edited by Victoria Walker
ISBN 978-0-7206-2054-2 £16.99 (HB)
‘Kavan was] one of the most distinctive of 20th century novelists.’Doris Lessing

The Last Refuge:A True Story of War, Survival and Life Under Siege in Srebrenica by Hasan Nuhanovic
ISBN 978-0-7206-2041-2 £14.99 (HB)
‘We went to the mountains of eastern Bosnia to hide from the war. As if a forest could shield you from a war. The war flies, reaches you in a second. It runs through the walls, over the mountains and rivers. It enters your mind, your heart and your soul and refuses to leave . ‘Hasan Nuhanovic

Portrait of a Family with a Fat Daughter has been shortlisted for the Italian Prose Award

This is what the judges said about Judith Landry's translation of Portrait of a Family with a Fat Daughter by Margherita Giacobino when announcing the five-book shortlist:

This engaging novel follows four generations of a family living in the Alpine foothills outside Turin, spanning the late nineteenth century to the “economic miracle” of the 1950s and 60s, as they climb out of poverty into a new world of TV dinners and other novelties. It's Margherita Giacobino's first appearance in English, and her prior accomplishments as writer and translator shine through in this finely crafted saga. Combining fact and fiction, the narrator's grandmother emigrates to California and returns to Italy partially paralyzed after complications during childbirth. In the next generation, the narrator's eight-year-old mother returns to Italy upon her father's death, to be raised by distant relatives, become Italian (again), and wed an alluring “man-boy” whose character and time in a German prison camp in World War II are evocatively described. Her small shop gradually expands and lifts the family out of the working class; her studious daughter Margherita grows up amid an extended matriarchal family to become the writer of this book. It has been compared to “a rural version of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan saga,” but remains staunchly unique in its powerful, atmospheric portrayal of largely unexplored terrain. A winner of the English PEN Award, this sweeping narrative explores what it means to be Italian across oceans and historical epochs. Its vivid descriptions and deep cultural understanding leave a lasting mark.

Portrait of a Family with a Fat Daughter by Margherita Giacobino, translated by Judith Landry
Dedalus £12.99/$17.99 304 pages

Literary Suicides with Gary Lachman at Highgate Cemetery on 24 October 2019

Literary Suicides with Gary Lachman at Highgate Cemetery Chapel, Highgate Cemetery West, Swains Lane, London N6 6PJ on Thursday 24th October 2019 from 7:00 pm. Tickets £12.00, price includes a gin cocktail. It is part of London Month of the Dead.

For full details see: