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The BookBlast tour begins with Andrew Crumey & Margaret Jull Costa in London on 11 September

Andrew Crumey the author of eight novels will be talking to Margaret Jull Costa, one of the UK's leading translators about their work on 11 September at 6.30pm in Waterstones Gower Street, London WC1E 6EQ as part of the BookBlast UK tour of Independent Publishers.

Summer Reading from Independent Publishers

Brother in Ice by Alicia Kopf
ISBN 978 1 911508 20 5 £10
‘a lyrical, braided book, that would sit comfortably alongside the auto-fiction of Rachel Cusk and Sheila Heti, or the non-fiction of Leslie Jamison, blending reportage with the personal.’ The Guardian

Pure Hollywood by Christine Schutt
ISBN 978 1 911508 24 3 £8.99
The long-overdue UK launch of Christine Schutt, an American master of the short story, with brand-new gems. ‘Shot through with Woolf’s lyrical, restless spirit.’
New York Times Book Review

Baby Blue by Pol Koutsakis
ISBN 978 1 908524 91 1
‘The streets of Athens prove as mean as those of Raymond Chandler’s L.A. in Koutsakis’s brilliant second noir featuring Stratos Gazis. While the plotting matches James Ellroy’s best work, Koutsakis does a better job of making the twists flow organically from the characters.’ Publishers Weekly

The First Prehistoric Serial Killer and other stories by Teresa Solana
ISBN 978 1 912242 07 8
‘Teresa Solana has long been one of the quirkiest and most accomplished of crime writers, but this is something new: wonderfully crafted short-form fiction -- often sardonic, often surreal, but always pure Solana.’ Barry Forshaw, Euro Noir

Raising Sparks by Ariel Kahn ISBN 978 1 910422 41 0 £8.99
‘Marques in the middle East.' The Irish Times.

The Gallows Pole by Benjamin Myers
978 1 910422 32 8 £9.99
Winner of the world's leading literary prize for historical fiction, the Walter Scott Prize 2018 - 'Phenomenal' Sebastian Barry.

Quartier Perdu by Sean O'Brien
ISBN 978 1905583 70 6 £9.99
'Atmospheric and highly literate, with a sense of writerly power in reserve, these gothic tales from a prizewinning poet strike a relishable balance between playful and macabre.' - The Sunday Times

The Book of Havana edited by Orsola Casagrande
ISBN 978 1 910974 01 8 £9.99
'This book proves what it set out to prove, that Havana, and more widely its surrounding country, is not simply a remnant of the Cold War, is not a footnote to US history.' - Disclaimer Magazine

Senso (and other stories) by Camillo Boito, translated by Christine Donougher
ISBN 978 0 946626 83 0 £8.99
‘The perfect book for visitors to Venice or Milan this Summer. ‘A pity that Boito wrote so little. On the basis of this volume alone, his talent occasionally amounts to a pocket-sized genius.’ Jonathan Keates in The Observer

Toomas Nipernaadi by August Gailit, translated by Eva & Jason Finch
ISBN 978 1 910213 50 6 £9.99
It captures the dream-like summer of Estonia: brief yet eternally recurring.’This volume has a thrill in store for the persevering, as well as the power to reveal a new, exciting literary and imaginative world.’ Mika Carlata-Provone in The Riveter


Burning Cities by Kai Aareleid, translated from Estonian by Adam Cullen
ISBN 978-0-720620 29-0 £9.99 PB
Winner of Estonian Writer of the Year 2016
‘Successfully weaves a powerful domestic tale … The book consists of more than eighty short scenes, each with a tightness reminiscent of poetic meter. Together they give the prose a compelling tempo, crucial to which is the precise, lyrical and unsentimental language of Adam Cullen’s excellent translation.’ – The Riveter

Goose of Hermogenes (Illustrated Edition) by Ithell Colquhoun
ISBN 978-0-720620 21 4 £14.99 HB
‘Lurks somewhere between the territory of Beardsley and Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast . . . shudderingly enjoyable’ – Guardian