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Vladimir Sharov

A historian of late-medieval Russia by training Vladimir Sharov(1952-2018), first turned to fiction in the late 1970s. It was not until the 1990s, however, that his extraordinarily imaginative and daring novels come to the attention of the public. When they did, they caused acrimony and controversy.

Before and During in 2014 was his first novel to appear in English, which was followed in February 2018 by The Rehearsals, both translated by Oliver Ready. He has won all the major Russian literary prizes including the Booker Prize in 2014. Before and During won The Read Russia Prize in 2015 and in 2018 The Rehearsals won The Read Russia Prize for the best translation of a contemporary Russian novel into any language.

Oliver Ready's translation of Be as Children will be published by Dedalus in April 2021.

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