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Diego Marani

Diego Marani

Diego Marani was born in Tresigallo, a village near Ferrara in 1959. In March 2021 he left his job as the officer in charge of Cultural Diplomacy at the European Union in Brussels to become the director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris.

He writes columns for various European newspapers about current affairs in Europanto, a language that he has invented. His collection of short stories in Europanto, Las Adventures des Inspector Cabillot has been published by Dedalus.

In Italian he has published twelve books, including the highly acclaimed trilogy New Finnish Grammar (Dedalus 2011), The Last of the Vostyachs (Dedalus 2012) and The Interpreter (Dedalus 2016) which have found worldwide success. God's Dog, a very different detective novel was published by Dedalus in 2014.

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