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Dante Alighieri's Publishing Company

Author: Eric Lane

Cover design: Marie Lane  

'I have to say I enjoyed this book very much. It is witty, self-deprecating and tells a good story. I certainly found it interesting to see how a small publisher comes into being and survives, particularly in a culture where quality books are not always appreciated. However while praising Lane as an author, it is as a publisher that I really appreciate him. A quick count reveals that I have nineteen Dedalus books on this site and there will doubtless be more. Dante Alighieri may be dead but here’s hoping Eric Lane keeps publishing for many more years and, who knows he may yet produce another novel.'

John Alvey in The Modern Novel

So we know from the outset of the semi-happy ending - that Dead Loss (if not publisher Dante) would not just pull through, despite all the hurdles it faced, but become a great success.
It makes for an amusing, lively story of a small but ambitious publisher trying to break into the business and everything that stands in the way of success (not least disapproving parents, as well as the usual demands of family life).
In closely following the actual Dedalus-story - including the idea of a European Classics-line and an early bet on Giovanni Verga, as well as a PR stunt involving a coffin (with photos included !) - it makes for fun reading for any fan of the publisher. While Dedalus may not have had quite the break-out success Dead Loss did, it's good to see that it - and its very impressive list, still growing in wonderful directions - putter admirably along, more than forty years on.

M.A.Orthofer in The Complete Review

RRP: £9.99

No. of pages: 160

Publication date: 16.06.2023

Re-print date: 16.06.2023

ISBN numbers:
978 1 915568 17 6