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Dedalus was founded in 1983, and we have always benefited from the support we have received from individuals who share our values and aspirations. Our aim is to be an alternative to mainstream publishing, and publish books which are well produced and of the highest literary quality, but which do not rely on a mass market. By keeping our overheads to an absolute minimum and by finding a worldwide audience for our books we can make a success of projects rejected by bigger publishers on the grounds of commercial viability.

The Friends of Dedalus has been set up to create a closer relationship between Dedalus and its readers. There are many ways to keep abreast of what Dedalus is doing: by visiting our Facebook Page, following us on Twitter, looking at our website or downloading our print catalogue

As a Friend of Dedalus, you will get a bi-annual online newsletter, a copy of our printed catalogue (if you wish) and notification of and invitation to our events. In addition, you can email us your suggestions for books or your ideas of what Dedalus should be doing to increase its reach. We welcome new ideas.

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