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The Bird Master

The Bird Master

Author: Karin Erlandsson

Cover design: Marie Lane   Cover illustration: Jesus Gaban Bravo  

A fierce battle for freedom in the deep forests of the wintry north… The Bird Master is the second book in the captivating four-part series Song of the Eye Stone. Set in a skilfully constructed fantastical world, it is an epic saga of friendship, longing and the things that truly matter in life.It is published with Book 1 The Pearl Whisperer.

In their failed quest for the eye gemstone, Miranda and Syrsa found each other instead. Now they have settled in a northern port town where they must learn to forget about pearls and adapt to a peaceful life in their new woodcutters’ community. But the peace is soon broken when timid birds mysteriously begin attacking the townspeople. Miranda realises it must be the work of their old foe Iberis, whose greed and power has reached them all the way up north. Bird attacks are just the beginning. Soon the whole town is under the tyranny of Iberis and the eye gemstone. And only Syrsa and Miranda can save them.

RRP: £7.99

No. of pages: 256

Publication date: 14.02.2022

Re-print date: 14.02.2022

ISBN numbers:
Printed Book
978 1 912868 74 2

World English