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A Box of Dreams

Author: David Madsen

The young hero awakes to find himself on a train with Dr Freud from Vienna and the sadistic train attendant Malkowitz. He can't remember who he is nor where he is going and has certainly no idea why he is not wearing his trousers. He allows himself to be led off dressed in a lady's skirt on a visit to a nearby castle where it seems he is expected. Everyone is looking forward to his lecture the next day on the art of yodelling. While trying to learn what he can about yodelling in the count's library he encounters Adelma, the count's precocious daughter with an insatiable sexual appetite. He is ready for love but can't get away from the archbishop's wife and is constantly thwarted by the servants desire to let him hear the secrets of their bizarre lives.

Everything is not as it appears as David Madsen leads us through story within story, dream within dream with characters whose reality is constantly changing. We arrive we think back at the beginning ready to begin our journey yet again until the author pulls his final surprise out of his box of tricks.

A baroque black comedy.

RRP: £8.99

No. of pages: 210

Publication date: 06.11.2003

ISBN numbers:
978 1 903517 22 2
978 1 907650 44 4

Dedalus World
Rights sold: Lithuania (Alma Littera) Japan (Kadokawa Shoten)
Russia (Adaptec Company/T-ough Press)