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Budapest Noir Ilona Gets A Phone

Author: Alison Langley

Cover design: Marie Lane  

'For me the most interesting part of this book was less the family issues that occur and far more the various issues that arise both as Hungary gains its freedom from communism, and very much struggles with that freedom – converting from communism to capitalism and all that that implies, bribery and corruption, Western influence, not always positive, and a range of economic issues – as well as the reckoning with the past, tricky for any country.'

John Alvey in The Modern Novel

‘For those of us who first encountered Hungary in the early 1990s, Langley’s novel is evocative. It captures the rough and ready atmosphere of a modern country being improvised into being. Langley was herself a journalist covering those changes and she artfully ‘textures’ her descriptions in regard to both emotional tenor and physical setting. The mix of excitement, disappointment, and (seemingly paranoid) fearfulness that competed in social life and individual psyches comes across clearly —sometimes manifested by a single speaker during a conversation….To those who lived through the social trauma of market reforms accompanying the sale of state firms to foreign investors during the ‘Wild East’ period, the appeal of a strongly nationalist and ‘sovereignist’ message is obvious. Langley’s narrative exploration of social problems elucidates how those choices became possible and insight makes this book useful to those who want to understand Hungary better.’

Alexander Faludy in The Hungarian Observer

RRP: £10.99

No. of pages: 320

Publication date: 12.04.2024

Re-print date: 12.04.2024

ISBN numbers:
978 1 915568 42 7
978 1 915568 49 6