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Author: Gbontwi Anyetei

Cover design: Marie Lane  

Raw, energetic and smart, Anyetei's debut takes us into the dodgy and dangerous fringe of London's African communities. Our guide is Mensah, east London's answer to Philip Marlowe, on a Chandleresque quest to find a missing pop star. The action pops and the language crackles. This is the Hackney that makes middle-class hipsters go pale behind their beards.

The Times/Sunday Times Crime Club

Nathan Mensah objects to being called a gangster. He’s a fixer. Someone you call with problems no-one else can solve. Black, from Hackney and steeped in the culture of the East London underworld, he operates with the knowledge of the gang bosses, who leave him alone as long as he doesn’t get in their way. One morning, he gets a call from a rich white man who asks him to locate his missing wife, a much younger woman of Sudanese origin. As seasoned crime readers will guess straight away, this job lands him head-first in a far bigger plot. Mensah is a smart, resourceful and, when the occasion demands, violent operator, but the forces lined up against him could be more than he can handle. It’s a bit rough and ready, and sidekick cousin Klu brings some much-needed life and humour that’s lacking in the rather staid Mensah, but don’t be surprised if the film rights are quickly snapped up.

Alastair Mabbott in the Sunday Herald

RRP: £9.99

No. of pages: 230

Publication date: 04.08.2017

ISBN numbers:
978 1 910213 41 4
978 1 910213 59 9

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