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The Life of J.-K. Huysmans

Author: Robert Baldick

Edited by: Brendan King  

Dedalus have been steadily printing the novels of the astonishing 19th-century French novelist Joris-Karl Huysmans and as a bonus have reissued Robert Baldick's classic biography, one of the most elegant, stimulating and moving of all literary biographies, right up there with Leon Edel's James and George Painter's Proust, revised and annotated by Brendan King. The life and the work are equally compelling.

Simon Callow in The Guardian's Summer Reading

Huysmans was an obsessive smoker and convert to Rome. He knew everyone-Degas,Verlaine,Zola. He wrote about his own sins, about God, the Devil, art and women. His mistress died in an insane asylum and he died of cancer. One could say his life followed the usual lines.

Bery Bainbridge in The Oldie's Summer Reading

The Life of J.-K. Huysmans speaks for itself –in glorious detail, you have a compelling narrative of his life and work in all its various phases –from Naturalism of the 1870s to the Decadence of the 1880s, and from the occult vogue of the 1890s to the Catholic Revival of the turn of the century.

Joanna Knight in The Erotic Review

Robert Baldick's tripartite division of Huysmans's writing career into Naturalist, Decadent and Catholic stages has seemed irresistibly sensible to subsequent critics. Baldick's landmark biography, which first appeared in 1955 and has now been reissued in paperback by those stalwarts of the Decadent movement, Dedalus. This is a timely project, next year being the centenary of Huysmans's death, and the amendments and additions of the Huysmans scholar Brendan King, will be of genuine interest to those in search of a Life. Baldick's biography has not been superseded in subsequent decades by English or French accounts. King does a fine job, 'mindful' as he is' of treading a path between the faithful adherence to the original text and the need to produce a work that took new research into account and was therefore relevant to present day scholars'.

Nicholas White in The Times Literary Supplement

RRP: £15.00

No. of pages: 580

Publication date: 21.02.2006

ISBN numbers:
978 1 903517 43 7

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