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Nobody Can Stop Don Carlo

Nobody Can Stop Don Carlo

Author: Oliver Scherz

Translator: Deirdre McMahon   Cover design: Marie Lane   Cover illustration: Jesus Gaban Bravo  

Carlo misses his father. His parents are separated, he is with his mother in Germany while his father is back in their native Palermo. His father is always about to visit but somehow never quite gets to Germany. Carlo gets tired of waiting and decides to do something about it and sets off for Palermo but without any money to pay his fare. What happens is a series of adventures when anything that could go wrong does but Carlo despite everything gets to Palermo and lands up at his Papa’s door.
Will reality live up to Carlo’s dreams?

It is a story from Germany’s leading children’s author which will strike a chord with many readers as they take Carlo into their hearts.

RRP: £7.99

No. of pages: 100

Publication date: 31.01.2020

ISBN numbers:
978 1 912868 01 8

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