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The Books that devoured my Father

The Books that devoured my Father

Author: Afonso Cruz

Translator: Margaret Jull Costa   Cover design: Marie Lane   Cover illustration: Jesus Gaban Bravo  

Vivaldo Bonfim was a bored book-keeper whose main escape from the tedium of his work was provided by novels. In the office, he tended to read rather than work, and, one day, became so immersed in a book that he got lost and disappeared completely. That, at least, is the version given to Vivaldo’s son, Elias, by his grandmother. One day, Elias sets off, like a modern-day Telemachus, in search of the father he never knew. His journey takes him through the plots of many classic novels, replete with murders, all-consuming passions, wild beasts and other literary perils.

*The Book that Devoured my Father is, at once, a celebration of filial love, friendship and literature. Translated by the UK finest translator of Portuguese, Margaret Jull Costa

RRP: £7.99

No. of pages: 116

Publication date: 28.02.2020

ISBN numbers:
978 1 912868 04 9

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