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The Girl from the Sea(and other stories)

The Girl from the Sea(and other stories)

Author: Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

Translator: Margaret Jull Costa, Robin Patterson   Cover design: Marie Lane   Cover illustration: Jesus Gaban Bravo  

The stories included in this collection are classics of children's literature and have been cherished by generations of Portuguese children. This is the first time these stories have been translated into English.

The author is one of Portugal's greatest poets and, like her poetry, these stories are filled with her delight and pleasure in nature, gardens and the sea, as well as her keen sense of the magical. Among other things, we encounter dwarves, diminutive little girls who live on the sea bed, plants that come alive at night, a tree that lives on long after it has been felled, and a pilgrim who discovers much more than the Holy Land. Her themes are, above all, loyalty and friendship.

RRP: £11.99

No. of pages: 306

Publication date: 31.01.2020

ISBN numbers:
978 1 912868 03 2

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