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Dangerous Days

Dangerous Days

Author: Leo Kanaris

Cover design: Marie Lane  

Like millions of Greeks today, private investigator George Zafiris is short of money. Business is terrible. The city of Athens is dying around him. No one wants to pay for information, and even the old staple of George’s trade, the extra-marital affair, is in decline. But his phone never stops ringing - with people wanting help for free. George does what he can for desperate cases - an English girl tormented by her Athenian mother-in-law, a government official whose life is threatened for doing an honest job, and a group of Asian farm labourers who are beaten up and evicted by their employer. Meanwhile his wife Zoe complains about his failure to provide, and his son Nick goes abroad to look for work.

Dangerous Days is the third novel in Leo Kanaris’s Aegean crime quartet. It shines a light on the most secret and closely-guarded sanctuary of Greek life - the family. While the State lurches between dysfunction and bankruptcy, blood relations turn to each other for support. Debts are written off, misdemeanours forgiven, jobs found for unemployables. But if charity begins at home, it also ends there. Networks of obligation bind people so tight they can never escape. Jealousy runs rampant. Nepotism keeps talent suppressed. Crime and corruption are buried in silence. While solving other people’s problems George gets more deeply entangled in his own. When the offer of work arrives from a polluted family source, he is forced to make an impossible choice between poverty and collusion in crime

RRP: £9.99

No. of pages: 320

Publication date: 23.02.2019

ISBN numbers:
9781 910213 71 1
978 1 912868 17 9

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