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Defying Reality

Author: Karina Mellinger

Cover illustration: David Smith  

Defying Reality is a novel about one of the defining preoccupations of our age: fame and the celebrity culture.

Serena Dawlish is the most famous soap star of them all. When she appears on
the small screen in 'Coombe Ridge Crescent' the nation comes to a standstill. But her agent Gareth has told her that although she is famous she isn't quite famous enough and so she begins her pursuit of total and permanent fame.

Serena meets and falls in love with the strange but well-hung Marlon who tells her – and can prove scientifically – that she is an alien. She wants to leave her husband and marry him but Gareth vetoes their affair. Marlon isn’t a politician, a pop star or a footballer so he will do nothing for her career and anyway his mother, Shelley, is too fat to look good in the wedding photos.

Meanwhile Serena’s husband, the renowned Shakespearian actor James Marlborough, is also tormented by his own emotional dilemma. He wants to leave Serena - he can no longer stand the smell of her fake tan – and be with his mistress, Geraldine, who calls him Rover when they make love. But most of his audience now only come to see him because he’s married to the celebrated Serena Dawlish – why else would they want to see Shakespeare? If he leaves her he destroys his career.

Geraldine is presenting a new prime-time TV show called ‘I Gave Birth To A Celebrity’ with Serena as the surprise celebrity on the first show. However, as Geraldine has decided that Serena’s real mother is too boring to play the part of mother she has secretly replaced her with Shelley. Will Shelley’s revelations on the show seal Serena’s quest for fame or will they ruin her forever?

RRP: £9.99

No. of pages: 226

Publication date: 13.09.2007

ISBN numbers:
978 1 903517 611

Dedalus World
Rights sold; Spain (Alianza)