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Prayer-Cushions of the Flesh

Author: Robert Irwin

Orkhan is released from a lifetime's captivity in the Cage of the Imperial Harem and finds himself hailed by the Harem's concubines as their new sultan. But flowers of veil flourish in a bed of boredom and, in this novel of bizarre erotic fantasy Orkhan, who entertains the fantasy that he is indeed the master of his women, enters a maze of perverse relationships masterminded by the devotees of the Prayer-Cushion movement. Temptation, seduction, story-telling and magic are used to lure the Sultan towards a climax which is designed to be simultaneously ecstatic and fatal

"From a publisher committed to literary fantasy comes a work worthy of the category from Robert Irwin whose knowledge of Arab culture allows him to fabricate an Arabian Night that is memorably erotic and very funny. Homosexual giraffes, congress with crodiles, a phalomancer who has a sideline in vulvascopy - what a curious cornucopia! Wonderful!"
Brian Case in Time Out

Prayer-Cushions of the Flesh is a feminist erotic novella with the sultan the plaything of the harem. Erudite and zany and wonderfully funny.

RRP: £6.99

No. of pages: 124

Publication date: 04.10.1997

Re-print date: 01.01.2016

ISBN numbers:
978 1 873982 63 1
Film Tie-In Ebook
978 1 909232 07 5
Non Film Tie-In Ebook
978 1 909232 25 9

Rights sold: Germany (DTV),
Netherlands (Atlas ),
Italy (Frassinelli, and after rights reverted, Meridiano Zero),
Spain (Grijalbo Mondadori),
Finland (Otava),
France (Albin Michel),
Russia (Symposium then Ripol), USA (The Overlook Press),
Portugal (Temas e Debatas),
Czech Republic (BB Art)