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Dina Salústio

Dina Salústio was born on the island of Santo Antão, Cape Verde, in 1941. She has worked as a teacher, a social assistant and a journalist, in Portugal, Angola and Cape Verde. As a writer, her first book, Mornas eram as noites (Warm were the Nights), a collection of short stories, was published in 1994, and subsequently translated into Spanish. She has had two novels published, A Louca de Serrano (The Madwoman of Serrano) in 1998 and Filhas do Vento (Daughters of the Wind) in 2009. A new short story collection, Filhos de Deus (God's Children), was published in 2018. Her essay Violência contra as mulheres (Violence Against Women) was published in book form in 1999 and she has contributed to numerous short story and poetry anthologies. She is a founding member of the Cape Verdean Writers Association and has been awarded the PEN Galicia prize for lifetime achievement.

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