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Dedalus Event at the Bray Festival on 1st October 2022

Dedalus' Irish authors Dara Kavanagh and Eoghan Smith will be talking about their work and reading from their latest books as well as reading from Brian Keogh's novel Le Fanu's Angel while Dedalus publisher Eric Lane will talk about the forty-year history of Dedalus Publishers, named after James Joyce's alter ego Stephen Dedalus.

The event takes place at Bray Town Hall at 16.00-17.00 on Saturday 1st October 2022.

'Eoghan Smith's A Provincial Death is seriously Irish — and Irishly serious: the ridiculousness of Smyth’s predicament doesn’t stop its being terrifying. For all its formal adventurousness and linguistic playfulness, this is a novel "about" what makes us human.' Andrew Deacon in The Irish Literary Supplement.

Prague 1938 by Dara Kavanagh. 'As well as enjoying the clever structure, I was impressed by how well researched this story turned out to be. Every detail of the world of the characters rings true. And while the historical aspects are interesting, what I especially enjoyed is how the novel is full of echoes of 20th century European culture.'Fionnuala Mc Mmanamon in Books Ireland Magazine