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Dedalus Landmark for J.-K.Huysmans

The publication of Drifting by J.-K. Huysmans, translated by Brendan King puts Huysmans in that very select band of authors who have had ten books published by Dedalus. The other authors in the Dedalus' Ten Club are Sylvie Germain with 11 and Eca de Queiroz with 10. Not only has Eca de Queiroz ten books in print with Dedalus but all ten have been translated by the same translator, Margaret Jull Costa. J.-K. Huysmns has eight books translated by Brendan King and two by other translators.In 2018 Dedalus will publish an eleventh title by J.-K. Huysmans, his travel sketches on Germany.

At Dedalus we like as far as it is possible to translate all of an author's oeuvre to help the reader get a complete picture of an author's work rather than be presented with only the most famous or most successful titles.